Hunting Unlimited Tournament Help


For technical support with any of the Hunting Unlimited games, please look here: Support.


Playing Hunting Unlimited tournaments is easy! All you need to get started is:

  1. An official copy of any of the following games:
    • Hunting Unlimited 2008
    • Hunting Unlimited 4
    • Hunting Unlimited 3
    • Hunting Unlimited 2
    You can buy any of these games here.
  2. An account on this website.
    Register here to get a free account.

Finding Tournaments

After registering an account here, you may begin to take part in the tournaments posted on this site. Use the Tourneys link in the menu bar, to have a look at available tournaments.

If there are available tournaments, you should see them listed on that page. Each tournament has a scheduled start time. You will only be able to enter tournaments which have started already. Tournaments are colour coded in the list, depending on whether they are waiting to start, started, or completed.

Use the 'Select Game' option to view tournaments for the game of your choice - for instance, if you own only Hunting Unlimited 4, then you will want to see only tournaments built for this game. In this case, ensure 'Hunting Unlimited 4' is selected in the box, and click the 'Apply Filters' button. The list will refresh.

Joining a Tournament

Look for a tournament which has already started, and click its name to join in. You should see the Tournament Information page. Take a look at the tournament details - those are the conditions under which you'll be playing. Keep an eye on the tournament deadline - you will most likely want to join a tournament which still has plenty of time left.

Downloading the Tournament File

If the tournament is still available to play, there will be a download link - click it to download the tournament file.

You will be offered the chance to save the tournament file. It is very important that you save it into the correct place. If this is a Hunting Unlimited 4 tournament, then you need to save the file into:

My Documents\Hunting Unlimited 4\tournaments

Your My Documents folder can be found at:

C:\Documents and Settings\joe\My Documents

Where 'joe' is your Windows user-name.

Make sure you do not alter the tournament download's filename! Be especially careful not to add any additional characters to the end of the filename.

Playing the Tournament

If you have saved the tournament correctly, you are ready to go. Launch the appropriate Hunting Unlimited game, and click the Tournaments option. Assuming all is well, the tournament you downloaded should be listed there. Click on it to select it, and you can now get on with playing.

Tournament gameplay is very similar to that of the Challenges - choose from a limited set of weapons and equipment, begin the hunt, kill and bag the best looking animals, then exit the hunt to recieve your trophies.

Tournaments are slightly different, in that your trophies are submitted to this website, and the compared with other competing players' scores. Bragging rights go to the player with the best score!

Submitting your Trophies

Assuming you have completed your tournament, and are happy with your trophies, you can upload your trophies for the world to see. Doing this is quite easy, but takes a little care to get it right.

When in the Tournaments screen of the game, select the tournament which you have just completed. Click the 'Score String' button, and wait for a few seconds for a notepad window to popup.

In the notepad window, use the mouse to select the entire line of text below 'BEGIN (CUT BELOW)', then press Ctrl and c simultaneously. This will copy your trophy data to the clipboard.

Open the Tournaments website in your web-browser, and choose the 'Upload Trophies' link (you must Log In to the site to see this link).

Click inside the large text-box on that page and press Ctrl and v simultaneously. This should paste your trophy data into the text-box. Choose the 'Submit' button, and your trophies will be uploaded into the system. If your trophy is rejected, check that you copied the score string exactly as described, copy and paste it again if necessary, and try to resubmit the score.

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